Fire Suppression Systems

We carry out cost effective, countrywide maintenance of fire suppression systems.

  • Countrywide coverage
  • Rapid response times
  • Professional service second to none
  • Cost effective solutions
  • We manage the service diary of your equipment
  • The highest quality products only supplied all certified to relevant standards
  • All Suppression System maintenance is carried out in accordance with relevant standards
  • Free advice / Surveys

We supply, install and commission suppression systems. These broadly fall into the following groups.

Gas Fire Suppression

Gas fire suppression systems work by starving a fire of oxygen or heat and therefore eliminating the fire. Fire Suppression systems will detect a fire usually by smoke detectors and trigger a series of outputs which release a gas agent into the protected area. The gas then suffocates the fire by removing the oxygen or heat needed for the fire to burn. Eg FM200, CO2

Kitchen Fire Suppression

Kitchen fire suppression systems are designed specifically for the food and restaurant business, cooker hobs and deep fat fires are on obvious place for a fire to start in a canteen, hotel, restaurant or any place which involves regular cooking in a professional kitchen.

Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems

The use of gas to flood a room may not always solve a particular fire hazard. High risk applications such as ovens and fat fryers can negate the use of a gas system as they may be in an open area or confined oven space where enclosure integrity may cause an issue.
Reaction Systems

A fixed fire suppression system may not always be possible or affordable, therefore we can provide a cost effective fire suppression system which has no electronic or moving parts. These suppression systems use a local application to extinguish the fire so there is no need to flood the area or close the area to contain the gas.