Portable Fire Equipment

Escape Ladder

9kg ABC Extinguisher. Rating 34A 183B

Fire Blankets Available as 1.2m X 1.2m or 1.8m X 1.2m

Double Long-back & Flush Stands

Wide range of First Aid Kits

Hose Reel Cover

Hose Reel Guide

Hose for Foam Extinguisher

A full range of Single & Double Extinguisher Boxes available

9ltr AFFF Foam Extinguisher. Rating 21A 183B

Double and Single Chrome Stands available

Hose Reel Hose

Red Plastic Fire Bucket C|W Lid

Hose & Horn for 5kg CO2 Extinguisher

Smoke Detector C|W Battery

Hose for Powder Extinguisher

Break Glass Key Box

3|4″e; Red Plastic Hose Reel Nozzle. Other types available

Amerex 423 9kg ABC Extinguisher. Rating 55A 233B

Fire Register, FIAI

A full range of Hose Reels Available

6ltr AFFF Foam Extinguisher. Rating 13A 144B.

Double Trolley to hold 2 Extinguishers and 1 Fire Bucket. Triple Trolleys also available.

Amerex 240 9ltr Water Extinguisher. Rating 21A

Range of Vehicle Packs Available incl pack meeting Taxi Regulator requirements.

Amerex 425T 2.26kg ABC Extinguisher C|W Transport Bracket. Rating 13A 70B

Eye Wash Station

6kg ABC Extinguisher. Rating 27A 144B

Single Long-back & Flush Stands

Fire Extinguisher Cover

Amerex 441 4kg ABC Extinguisher. Rating 27A 113B

Carbon Monoxide Detector C|W Batteries

A range of Photoluminescent Signage available. All can be made to order.

A range of Signage available. All can be made to order.

5kg CO2 Aluminium Extinguisher. Rating 70B

2kg CO2 Extinguisher. Aluminium Rating 34B

2kg ABC Extinguisher, Rating 13A 70B

Swivel Horn for 2kg CO2 Extinguisher