What are Photo Luminescent Signage


When it comes to safety signs reliability is a big issue. Think of a scenario where a building needs to be evacuated and the electricity has gone out. Photoluminescent safety signs could be your only hope of ensuring that people are lead to safety. Photoluminescent safety signs are powered by ambient light and as such, they glow in the dark. They are not designed to light up a space, but rather to define a space and ensure that those in potential danger or an emergency can find their way to safety with ease and confidence. These types of safety signs have been used with great success in the marine and aviation industries for many years.


How does photoluminescent material work?

Material that is photoluminescent actually implements inorganic phosphors. These phosphors collect or draw light from nearby light sources. The phosphors absorb the light and this is what glows when the light is placed in a dark setting. Photoluminescent lights are undoubtedly superior to other illuminated signage types.

Photoluminescent safety signs are quickly becoming a standard feature in buildings open to the public.

What Are Photoluminescent Safety Signs?

Photoluminescent safety signs are interior displays made from a special kind of material. This material absorbs natural or ambient light through the process of photoluminescence. The light is then stored, allowing the display to glow in the dark. 

What does this mean?

Unlike traditional emergency signage, photoluminescent signage itself doesn’t need electricity. Instead, it can be “charged” by an external light source of at least 54 lux. On average, these signs require 60 minutes to fully charge.

Once fully charged, photoluminescent safety signs give off a highly visible glow for at least 90 minutes.

Why Are Photoluminescent Safety Signs Important?

These displays are important because they can improve your building’s egress path-marking system. 

Here’s how…

During an emergency, staff members and visitors will rely on the signs in your building to guide them to the right exit. In the event that you have a power outage, your photoluminescent safety signs will make the evacuation process much smoother. Even in blackout conditions, the people in your building will be able to see photoluminescent exit signs with ease.

Further, installing these displays can give you peace of mind that your evacuation plan is supported by the proper tools.

What Are the Benefits of Photoluminescent Signs?

Depending on when your building was built, you may already have electric emergency exit signs and lighting in place. If that’s the case, you may be wondering whether it’s worth switching to photoluminescent safety signs…

Rest assured that it is.

Here are a number of benefits of why to choose photoluminescent signage for your building. 

1) They Can Reduce Operating Costs.

Traditional electric exit signs come with a number of expenses, such as…

  • Hiring an electrician for installation
  • Paying the monthly electric bill
  • Replacing the battery backup systems

One of the benefits of installing photoluminescent safety signs is that you can cut down on these expenses.

As mentioned above, these displays don’t require additional electricity. Since they operate by absorbing existing light, they are a cost-effective alternative to traditional electric signage. 

Moreover, installation is quick and easy, and is included in our price.

2) They Are Reliable.

In case of an emergency, you want to be sure that you have enough light to guide people to safety. Unfortunately, electrically powered signs aren’t always reliable, especially during a blackout.

If the signs are old or the backup battery systems need to be replaced, there’s a chance the displays won’t be clearly visible.

However, photoluminescent safety signs provide a dependable source of illumination—no matter the conditions. In fact, these displays have proven to work even when smoke makes it difficult to see.

Additionally, photoluminescent exit signs have a longer lifespan than incandescent, LED, and tritium exit signs. On average, a photoluminescent display can last for 25 years before you’ll need to replace it.

3) They Require Little to No Maintenance.

One of the drawbacks of electric signage is that it requires regular maintenance. Along with being costly, it’s also inconvenient.

This is another way in which photoluminescent safety signs have the advantage. 

  • No backup battery testing
  • A short charging time
  • No breakable parts

Although you should clean the signs every so often to remove dirt and debris, they require no other upkeep. When sign maintenance is cut down, your staff can focus on tasks that are more important.

4) They Require Little to No Maintenance.

One of the many advantages of Photo Luminescent signage is the variety available

This is another way in which photoluminescent safety signs have the advantage. 

  • Emergency Evacuation plans
  • Safety Signs
  • Signs for Tunnels
  • Signs for Information
  • Fire Equipment signage

The list is endless and a catalogue in hard copy or by electronic means is available by request.


With photoluminescent safety signs, you can provide visual support in case of emergency, making it easy for those in your building to evacuate safely.

So, if your building is in need of new exit signage, it’s well worth looking at photoluminescent options.

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