Competent Service Providers

GD Gendist Fire & Safety would like to draw your attention to the fact that not all Service Providers are operating under current IS291:2015 requirements.

How will you know if your Building is Compliant if you have switched provider this year?

– the new provider is obliged to transfer all existing extinguisher history on to the new label for transparency purposes, and

– all stored pressure extinguishers – Water, Foam, Dry Powder, Wet Chemical that are deemed to be refilled must have a mandatory collar on the neck of the extinguisher stating the date i.e. month and year of refilling.

If these are not on your units you are NOT compliant.

Ensure when you seek Value for Money, that Quality and proper service is also included along with price.

Do not leave yourself short changed.

Every year extinguishers fail and if not tested it could result in death or a serious injury as a result of fires at work. The damage can be catastrophic and besides loss of life, you will be subjected to fines, damage to property, loss of business, compensation claims and higher insurance premiums.

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